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Lead India - Change India

•  A Small step � It is a call to every individual to take a step to stop the wrong happening in surrounding, to support for right and to fight for motivating others for leading the change.

• i. Stop a person who is throwing a wrapper and advise him to keep the nation clean

• ii. Immediate support for the needy person irrespective of figuring out any law. Humanity is the biggest law

• iii. Follow the rules and advise others to follow if you find him breaking

• iv. Spread the advise everyone who deserve or not

• v. Spread Human spirit and root out the cast biased rules

• vi. Encouraging the person for the right cause

• vii. Stopping the use of tissue papers and save India from being polluted

• viii. Encourage individual to save energy and do not waste on things which are useless

• ix. Promote the things made in india only

• x. Promote for realizing the individual for giving the right vote for correcting the government

• xi. Always be loyal to your country and never support corruption

• xii. Encourage child education and promote or contribute for the same

• xiii. Promote for being a healthy person.

• xiv. Encouraging for maintaining our culture and not promoting for the exposed world of western countries

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