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Lead The War Against Reservation System

•  Reservation system in India is one of the major causes for a slow development. There are many other ways to support the reserved casts. Feed them, support them for a better education, help them financially but when it comes to win in competition exams them respect the talent only. Who can qualify the minimum level can only go for the next step. This is directly related to the development. The competition is a criterion for fitting into the responsibility related to that job or profile. So for leading India to great heights, we must stop this reservation system.

•  Do not let the country to be ruled by illiterate over literate under the bar of reservation � Promotions are more frequent to reserved categories irrespective of general class which is again a short hole for the nations growth and leadership and infact discourage a more senior general candidate for the same which is again leads us not to think about the nation but only for a particular one. We must make some provisions that he should be promoted financially but not over a senior. If one has to do like this put a exam criterion. Whoever will pass the exams he can lead and can be treated as the right candidate for the promotion. We at I Lead India invites a call from individual to think about our nation and do always right for the nation., We must oppose this kind of system and must need a change for the same.

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