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Lead The War Against Education System

You are blind if you are not well educated. In present system, the way to get blind is going to be promoted where you will be passing without any hard work or without any examination. Is this the way to get the whole country educated? It is just to show the world that our literacy rate has increased to 100% but in fact, the situation is just opposite.

We all just want to get educated in papers only and do not want to apply the real lessons of the education in our life. I invite each and every individual to think over it and take some bold steps to retain the image of our incredible education system where we not only design the talent but grow the talent also. Modernization of the education system is acceptable but not at the cost of harassment of the real values of education which is happening in present system. If we do not put a check on the students whether they are doing it the right way, whether they are eligible for getting pass; it's not possible to enhance the quality of education. We all must take care of our children and must examine him time to time in consultation with teacher. Need a call for analyzing the cracks in our education system and must take it a responsibility of individual to shape the future of India which is hidden in our coming generations. RTE act is not a perfect way for enhancing the education system. We must work on Right to Teacher also.

We all have to ignite a war regarding the education system and the approach toward the education system where we all have to take participate and will have to support each and everyone. Teach a child in such a way that the child will get inspired by you and will be more talented than you, then only a real system works and literacy will enhance in a incredible way.

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