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Lead The War Against Corruption

Corruption is an act where we pay a person for doing his job for which he has already been paid. It start from a minor level of a clerk to a top political leader. Many scams, bribes, doing policy change for someone's benefit is a part of corruption. We here at ILeadIndia invite youth for making a change and opposing the corruption. Complaint a person found involved in corruption immediately and support nation to make it a corruption free nation. We must initiate following steps:

•  Do not Pay a Penny to a person to do his Job

•  Sentencing the culprit of Scams must have a dead line

•  A proper control on Funds and Schemes which are just to show off & a big game of corruption is being played.

•  Reveal Deep Dark Hidden Hands

•  Talent of country is our coming generation so be a master piece of corruption free nation.

•  Refuse to give Bribe and promote this movement.

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